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Visit prehistoric sites 5000+ years old

For many of our Guests, a visit to one or more of the ancient prehistoric sites is essential.

There are countless ancient sites dating back 5,000+ years which are guaranteed to get even the most dis-interested visitor scratching their heads in amazement. When they realise they're looking at sites that pre-date the oldest Egyptian Pyramids, it hits home that Scotland has been inhabited for quite a while before the days of Wallace, Bruce and the Clan system.

The three locations which have proven most popular with our Guests over the years are the amazing sites of the Orkney Islands; in particular Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar and Maes Howe, the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis, and Clava Cairns near the Culloden Battlefield close to Inverness. However, those interested in such things will find countless sites all over Scotland with a particularly fine grouping in Aberdeenshire.

We can build one or two visits to such sites into most tours if required, or create a Tour dedicated to seeing as many of them as possible. As with everything else we do, you say what you want and we'll make it happen.


Distillery Tours in Scotland and Ireland

Many of our Guests are intrigued by the Scottish Whisky Industry, and a visit to Scotland wouldn't be complete without a visit to at least one Single Malt Whisky Distillery.

For other Guests a visit to the Whisky producing areas of Scotland, particularly Speyside and the Island of Islay, is an absolute 'must do' 

However seriously you look on this topic, there's no doubt the world wide appeal of Scotch Whisky, particularly Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is always going to feature in a Scottish Tour, even if you do no more than drive past one of the countless distilleries.

For those wishing to visit a distillery, or those wishing to take to the Single Malt Whisky Trail, we can arrange something appropriate for them as part of a Scottish Tour, or just as a Day Trip from the Edinburgh or Glasgow areas. For some it's sufficient to stay overnight on their tour in a hotel with a serious whisky collection. For some they need those hotels every night ! Whatever the scale of your interest in our Single Malt Whiskies, we can incorporate it in your visit to Scotland.

For the seriously dedicated Single Malt Whisky lover, we can even arrange for them to join one of our guides for a visit to the Tasting Rooms of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Please note this is a private club; we do NOT arrange group tours to the Society. If you have a serious interest in the subject, your guide will take you as his/her guest to sample the delights of their most recent casks.


Similarly, there is some great whiskey to be found in Ireland too and we regularly arrange Distillery Tours at both Bushmills and Jamesons. If you wish an Irish Whiskey experience as part of your Tour in Ireland, just ask.

Collection and Drop-off at your Hotel 

Many of our Guests prefer to stay in Edinburgh for several days during their Scottish visit and take Day Trips from there to see the sites around the area.  

We can customise your Day Trips to suit your own likes, dislikes and preferences. If there is anywhere you want to go for any reason whatsoever, business or pleasure, just ask. 




Sample Day Trips are : 

  • The East Side;  St Andrews, Glamis Castle and Scone Palace 
  • The West Side;  Loch Lomond, Inveraray Castle and Loch Fyne 
  • Perthshire; Pitlochry, Blair Castle, Queens View and Loch Tummel. 
  • The Trossachs;  Loch Lomond, Aberfoyle, Loch Katrine and Callander 
  • Historic  Stirling;  Stirling Castle, the Bannockburn Battlefield and the Wallace Monument 
  • The Life and Work of Robert Burns;  his birthplace at Alloway, Ayr, Dumfries and the Globe Inn (other sites can be added)
  • The Scottish BordersDryburgh Abbey, Melrose, Jedburgh, Abbotsford House and the Tweed Valley
  • Edinburgh area options;  Hopetoun House, Linlithgow Palace and Rosslyn Chapel
  • The Museums of GlasgowKelvingrove, the Burrell Collection and the Riverside Museum; maybe time in the centre of the City too.
  • Old and NewThe Falkirk Wheel, the Kelpies and the Royal Burgh of Culross


Like everything else we do, our day trips are Private and designed to suit your own likes and dislikes. We are happy to build bespoke Day Trips for your enjoyment anywhere. If you see one or two places listed above on different Tours and would like to combine them, don't hesitate to ask.


Play Scotland and Ireland's best Courses

Since it was first recorded in the 15th century, golf has become something of an International Obsession with thousands of golfers visiting Scotland every year either to watch, to play, or to marvel at the game's history.

Silver Skye Tours can arrange for your Scottish Golfing Experience whether it be a short Day Trip to St Andrews, an occasional round of golf during a Scottish vacation, or a full golfing tour covering all the finest courses in the Land.

We are conscious that not all golfers want to play the Championship Courses, but through our great contacts at Club Courses throughout Scotland and Ireland, we can arrange whatever standard of golf required. Obviously we can make accommodation arrangements close to the courses, book tee times in addition to our standard transport services. 

Please Note that at one or two of the top courses, rules mean that bookings will have to be made by you, the players, but we can keep you right on how to go about such things.

In Scotland, we frequently arrange for our Guests to play the following Courses:

In Ireland, our Guests have recently played rounds at: 

If you want to arrange for golf during your vacation, then please get in touch with us and we'll handle all aspects of your trip. We can arrange equipment rental, meals at the Clubs; literally anything and everything to create your perfect Scottish or Irish golfing experience. We will NOT however, be held responsible for poor scores. That's your Department !

Experience the Life and Work of Burns

Many of our Guests from all corners of the world have a passionate interest in Scotland's National Bard, Robert Burns and we offer day trips to visit the main sites relative to his Life and Work .
It can be done as a Day Trip from Edinburgh or Glasgow, or as part of a longer tour staying one or two nights near the poet's birthplace in Alloway.
For many, they have gone to Burns Dinners in their home countries and just want to learn a bit more about Rabbie. For some, it's a journey to pay respect to a man who has gained a worldwide following through the continued relevance of his writings in this 21st century.
By writing "Auld Lang Syne", now sung throughout the world particularly as a New Year dawns, Robert Burns might claim to have written the first International Anthem.
Visit Burns' Cottage in Alloway, Ayr, Dumfries and maybe have a bar lunch at the Globe Inn where Burns' room is still intact above the bar. Your visit to Burns Country can be as short or as comprehensive as you choose.

Locate places from your family's past

Many of our Guests travel to Scotland in the hope of visiting places that feature in their family history. Many will say they are coming to Scotland to research their roots without understanding how difficult it can be in one short vacation. To assist, we offer our prospective Guests a fairly elementary Genealogical Research service to enable us to point them in the right direction when they get here. We are NOT expert professional genealogists, but we ARE very good amateurs. We don't charge for our time when carrying out research for prospective Guests in the hope that an hour or two at the computer now will open up your family history for when you get here. 

Our research will no doubt involve computer searches which do  have costs involved in us seeing records on screen in front of us. However, we know how to keep this to an absolute minimum. Please email us for details.

We emphasise that this is a service we are happy to provide for prospective visitors from outside Scotland.

We do not charge for our time while researching, but have to charge small fees involved in inspecting documents online.

Would you like to give this service a try ? Email us a name/date of birth of an ancestor born in Scotland and we'll see what we can find for you in ten minutes work free of all charges. You might be amazed at the results.

Travel Scotland and Ireland in comfort

Experience Scotland on one of our Private Tours in one of our cars or 7-seat vans, with your own Driver/Guide.

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, or maybe the West Coast of Ireland, without worrying about route options, driving times, and all the other things designed to make your vacation or tour more awkward than necessary. When the roads are the width of narrow sidewalks with sheep sitting in the middle of them, let your driver take the strain while you sit back and enjoy yourselves laughing at the chaos.

If you have a duration for your Vacation, and maybe only one or two places you definitely want to visit, let us suggest ways of hooking these places together in a Customised Itinerary designed to include everything that's important to you, allowing plenty time at each location to see the sites.

We always suggest that the non-stop driving time from one overnight location to the next is a maximum of three hours allowing the majority of the day to be spent taking it easy, enjoying the sights and sounds of your route. One of our previous Guests once summed it up perfectly when he said he " wanted time every day to stop and smell the roses any time he felt so inclined." It was an unusual way of putting it but, in that short phrase, he summed up perfectly everything that we consider important.

No matter how well we plan your trip, and how many places you tell us you want to visit, there has to be time to stop when you see or hear the unexpected. It always happens; places we didn't think of suggesting; places you didn't know existed but, when you get there, you have to be able to stop and enjoy. That's what turns a good vacation into a great one.

Our drivers are very flexible in their approach to your daily itineraries and will suggest additional stops as your Tour progresses. Yes, we need to agree a route and yes, we need to agree to the overnight locations before setting off BUT, we believe a degree of flexibility is essential to ensure you do things at "Vacation Pace" and that the perfect trip doesn't end up turning into an exhausting whistle-stop tour.

Anything and everything can be included in our Private Tours. If you enjoy a round of golf, tell us and we'll include it in the plan. If you want to go fishing, tell us and we'll arrange a stop somewhere appropriate but, please don't blame us if you don't catch anything. If you like historic sites like Castles or ancient Standing Stones, tell us so we can include one or two memorable sites along your route. If you like Single Malt Whisky and Distillery Tours, let us know and we'll arrange one or two of the finest watering holes you could imagine.

One Guest once asked us to stay at the cheapest B&Bs every night of his tour as he slept with his eyes shut, but that the B&Bs had to be within a ten minute walk of a Gourmet Restaurant where he would spend each evening. We did it. It was an unusual request but perfectly highlights that if it's what you want to do, we want to make it happen. Yes, we might make suggestions here and there but, as the photographs show,  the final decision will always be yours. It is after all YOUR vacation.

Cold Weather but a  very  Warm  Welcome

Silver Skye operates tours throughout the year. During the winter months our weather is very unpredictable and many historic buildings and other attractions close due to the few visitor numbers in their area. However, as our photos of winter tours show, the scenery can be stunning during the winter months. 




Scotland has several winter sports areas offering skiing and snowboarding but again, the scope for participating in these sports will always be dictated by the weather. The photos below show the Wijaya family from the city of Jambi on the Island of Sumatra, experiencing snow for the first time at the Glenshee winter sports centre.



                           6 year old Summer plays in snow for the first time.

The New Year holiday period is very big in Scotland and forward planning with early reservations is strongly recommended.

Edinburgh's New Year street party at midnight, is beamed across the world and events relating to "Edinburgh's Hogmanay" start before Christmas.



In the Shetland Islands, late January sees the 'Up Helly Aa Festival' where the Island's ancient Viking history is celebrated.


If you are interested in a Winter Tour in Scotland and Ireland please get in touch with us to discuss options.

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