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Many of my Guests travel to Scotland in the hope of visiting places that feature in their family history. Many will say they are coming to Scotland to research their roots without understanding how difficult it can be in one short vacation. To assist, I offer our prospective Guests a fairly elementary Genealogical Research service to enable us to point them in the right direction when they get here. I am NOT an expert professional genealogist, but I am a very good amateur. I don’t charge for my time when carrying out research for prospective Guests in the hope that an hour or two at the computer now will open up your family history for when you get here. 

My research will no doubt involve computer searches which do  have small costs involved in me seeing records on screen in front of me. However, I know how to keep this to an absolute minimum. Please email me for details.

I emphasise that this is a service I am happy to provide for prospective visitors from outside Scotland.

I do not charge for my time while researching, but have to charge small fees involved in inspecting documents online.

Would you like to give this service a try ? Email me a name/date of birth of an ancestor born in Scotland and I’ll see what I can find for you in ten minutes work free of all charges. You might be amazed at the results.

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