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Play Scotland and Ireland’s best Courses. 

Old Course, St Andrews

Since it was first recorded in the 15th century, golf has become something of an International Obsession with thousands of golfers visiting Scotland every year either to watch, to play, or to marvel at the game’s history.

Silver Skye Tours can arrange for your Scottish Golfing Experience whether it be a short Day Trip to St Andrews, an occasional round of golf during a Scottish vacation, or a full golfing tour covering all the finest courses in the Land.

We are conscious that not all golfers want to play the Championship Courses, but through our great contacts at Club Courses throughout Scotland and Ireland, we can arrange whatever standard of golf required. Obviously we can make accommodation arrangements close to the courses, book tee times in addition to our standard transport services. 

Please Note that at one or two of the top courses, rules mean that bookings will have to be made by you, the players, but we can keep you right on how to go about such things.

In Scotland, we frequently arrange for our Guests to play the following Courses:

In Ireland, our Guests have recently played rounds at: 

If you want to arrange for golf during your vacation, then please get in touch with us and we’ll handle all aspects of your trip. We can arrange equipment rental, meals at the Clubs; literally anything and everything to create your perfect Scottish or Irish golfing experience. We will NOT however, be held responsible for poor scores; that’s your Department.

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