Prehistoric Sites


Visit prehistoric sites 5000+ years old.

For many of my Guests, a visit to one or more of the ancient prehistoric sites is essential.

There are countless ancient sites dating back 5,000+ years which are guaranteed to get even the most dis-interested visitor scratching their heads in amazement. When they realise they’re looking at sites that pre-date the oldest Egyptian Pyramids, it hits home that Scotland has been inhabited for quite a while before the days of Wallace, Bruce and the Clan system.

The three locations which have proven most popular with our Guests over the years are the amazing sites of the Orkney Islands; in particular Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodgar and Maes Howe, the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis, and Clava Cairns near the Culloden Battlefield close to Inverness. However, those interested in such things will find countless sites all over Scotland with a particularly fine grouping in Aberdeenshire.

I can build one or two visits to such sites into most tours if required, or create a Tour dedicated to seeing as many of them as possible. As with everything else we do, you say what you want and I will make it happen.

Jean Gurney at the Calanais Standing Stones
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