Private Tours


Travel Scotland and Ireland in comfort

Experience Scotland on one of our Private Tours in one of our cars or 7-seat vans, with your own Driver/Guide.

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, or maybe the West Coast of Ireland, without worrying about route options, driving times, and all the other things designed to make your vacation or tour more awkward than necessary. When the roads are the width of narrow sidewalks with sheep sitting in the middle of them, let your driver take the strain while you sit back and enjoy yourselves laughing at the chaos.

If you have a duration for your Vacation, and maybe only one or two places you definitely want to visit, let us suggest ways of hooking these places together in a Customised Itinerary designed to include everything that’s important to you, allowing plenty time at each location to see the sites.

We always suggest that the non-stop driving time from one overnight location to the next is a maximum of three hours allowing the majority of the day to be spent taking it easy, enjoying the sights and sounds of your route. One of our previous Guests once summed it up perfectly when he said he ” wanted time every day to stop and smell the roses any time he felt so inclined.” It was an unusual way of putting it but, in that short phrase, he summed up perfectly everything that we consider important.

No matter how well we plan your trip, and how many places you tell us you want to visit, there has to be time to stop when you see or hear the unexpected. It always happens; places we didn’t think of suggesting; places you didn’t know existed but, when you get there, you have to be able to stop and enjoy. That’s what turns a good vacation into a great one.

Our drivers are very flexible in their approach to your daily itineraries and will suggest additional stops as your Tour progresses. Yes, we need to agree a route and yes, we need to agree to the overnight locations before setting off BUT, we believe a degree of flexibility is essential to ensure you do things at “Vacation Pace” and that the perfect trip doesn’t end up turning into an exhausting whistle-stop tour.

Anything and everything can be included in our Private Tours. If you enjoy a round of golf, tell us and we’ll include it in the plan. If you want to go fishing, tell us and we’ll arrange a stop somewhere appropriate but, please don’t blame us if you don’t catch anything. If you like historic sites like Castles or ancient Standing Stones, tell us so we can include one or two memorable sites along your route. If you like Single Malt Whisky and Distillery Tours, let us know and we’ll arrange one or two of the finest watering holes you could imagine.

One Guest once asked us to stay at the cheapest B&Bs every night of his tour as he slept with his eyes shut, but that the B&Bs had to be within a ten minute walk of a Gourmet Restaurant where he would spend each evening. We did it. It was an unusual request but perfectly highlights that if it’s what you want to do, we want to make it happen. Yes, we might make suggestions here and there but, as the photographs show,  the final decision will always be yours. It is after all YOUR vacation.


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