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Distillery Tours in Scotland and Ireland.

Many of my Guests are intrigued by the Scottish Whisky Industry, and a vacation in Scotland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to at least one Single Malt Whisky Distillery. For other Guests, a visit to the Whisky producing areas of Scotland, particularly Speyside and the Island of Islay, is an absolute ‘must do.’ 

However seriously you view this topic, there’s no doubt the world wide appeal of Scotch Whisky, particularly Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is always going to feature in a Scottish Tour, even if you do no more than drive past one of the countless distilleries.

For those wishing to visit a distillery, or those wishing to take to the Single Malt Whisky Trail, I can arrange something appropriate for them as part of a Scottish Tour, or just as a Day Trip from the Edinburgh or Glasgow areas. For some, it’s sufficient to stay overnight on their tour in a hotel with a serious whisky collection. For some they need those hotels every night ! Whatever the scale of your interest in our Single Malt Whiskies, I can incorporate it in your visit to Scotland.

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For the seriously dedicated Single Malt Whisky lover, I can even arrange for them to visit to the Tasting Rooms of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Please note this is a private club; I do NOT arrange group tours to the Society. If you have a ‘serious’ interest in the subject, I will take you as my guest to sample the delights of the Society’s most recent casks.

Irish Whiskey

Similarly, there is some great whiskey to be found in Ireland too and we regularly arrange Distillery Tours at both Bushmills and Jamesons. If you wish an Irish Whiskey experience as part of your Tour in Ireland, just ask.

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